Biodegradable Bubble Mailer

Biodegradable Bubble Mailer


In today’s life, you can buy all kinds of things you need daily without leaving your house, and you have to rely on one industry-the express industry. In our daily life, more and more people cannot do without express delivery. So, my friends, when you unpack various express delivery, have you noticed that sometimes there is an extra layer of bubble cushion inside? Why, have you thought about the reason? Let’s analyze and take a look today. I think there are two reasons: the first reason is that the bubble cushion plays a role in protecting the goods; the second is that the bubble cushion is added to the express box to fill the express box and occupy a place. Fixed role.

The first reason is that the bubble cushion in the express delivery protects the items. We are receiving different couriers every day, all kinds. Among our purchases, there are also different types. For example, there are some fragile items, the glass vases we buy, ceramic dishes, etc.; there are also some things that are afraid of bumping, such as fresh fruits and vegetables; and some valuable items are afraid of being crushed or broken. At this time, the air bubble pad plays its vital role. Although the inconspicuous air bubble pad is wrapped around the object, it acts as a protective layer.

Everyone must have been to express delivery outlets. It is not unfamiliar to see the scene of express delivery everywhere, and the couriers are also very busy. There are so many express delivery, so there must be some littering or quick delivery during the delivery process of express delivery. Moreover, a courier has to go through several such moves from the delivery to the receipt. In these processes, vibrations will occur. At this time, with the addition of a bubble cushion, it can act as a buffer and give the express a certain shock absorption protection.

The second reason is that sometimes bubble cushions are found in the express box, which is for the purpose of occupying and fixing the space. Why is this so? You often find that, for example, if you buy a gadget, the thing is small, but it must be shipped in a courier box. The express box is much larger than the thing, so our items will wander around in the express box, and it is prone to bumps and damage. At this time, we add a bubble cushion to fill the box, which can play a role in fixing the objects.

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