Eco bag|98% compostable

Eco bag|98% compostable


JXD specialized products include:

A. Transparent clothing bag made of PE material

Advantages: cheap, very cheap.

  1. It is not biodegradable and compostable. It is difficult to pass the customs inspection of developed countries.
  2. Not beautiful; easy to wrinkle; the product feels bad!
    Uses: used for packaging cheap clothing that does not pay attention to the product brand

as the picture shows:

Eco bag|98% compostable

B.CPE (CPE+PE and other composite bags) milky white or translucent clothing bags

Advantages: beautiful, cheaper, and feel much better than PE material.
Disadvantages: not biodegradable, not compostable, it is difficult to pass the customs inspection of developed countries.
Purpose: Improve product quality, prevent dust and scratches

as the picture shows:

Eco bag|98% compostable

C. PLA+PABT+corn starch (50%) + calcium carbonate (25%-30%) clothing packaging bags

Advantages: cheap, “cut corners”, a small part of degradable and compostable; can deceive customers who don’t understand the degradation bag.
Disadvantages: unsightly, bad feel, easy to wrinkle, difficult to pass the customs inspection of developed countries.
Purpose: You can fool customers who are greedy for cheap but need biodegradable bags!

as the picture shows:

D. PLA+PBAT (above 98%) garment bag


  1. 98% compostable and biodegradable; it can pass the customs inspection of developed countries.
  2. Good hand feeling, not easy to wrinkle, beautiful.
  3. It can improve product grades and increase brand awareness.
    Disadvantages: The price is more expensive than the first three.
    Purpose: Pay attention to environmental protection, pay attention to quality, and the garment bag with high customer requirements

as the picture shows:

Eco bag|98% compostable

Summary: We can make packaging bags of the above four materials, which can be determined according to the needs of customers. The bag types of our garment bags include: adhesive bags, zipper bags, self-adhesive bags, flat bags, etc.; as shown in the figure:

About Us——JXD Packaging Bag

Shenzhen Jiuxinda Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It started with pearl cotton. According to market demand, it keeps pace with the times. Later, it improves product quality and uses CPE packaging bags, and then maintains a long-term relationship with Xiaomi suppliers. Cooperation with no less than 200 suppliers. Xiaomi is a world-renowned Fortune 500 company with first-class management, marketing and service concepts, and we can maintain a long-term win-win cooperation with Xiaomi. As the name suggests, our service philosophy is the same as Xiaomi. There are illustrations for our cooperation:

Slowly gaining recognition from many manufacturers, we have cooperated with Great Wall Company, Flying Branch Company, Derun Electronics, BYD, Xinbao, etc.

With the cooperation of these well-known companies, I am not showing off how powerful our company is, but seeing that our company has a great responsibility, because our service is as “Jiuxinda” as the name of our company describes. “Long” is long. For a long time; “faith” is based on faith; only then can “be heard from the princes”. Therefore, Jiuxinda has succeeded in succession, fulfilling its mission, responding to the call of environmental protection and sustainable development, and has made a small contribution to the biodegradable plastic bag-with pictures as proof:

JXD Packaging Bags sincerely look forward to cooperating with you

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