What is Packaging Design?

What is Packaging Design?


Packaging design is one of the important elements in the product marketing strategy. Marketers promote the visual “face” of product packaging to consumers, so that the product can be supported and recognized by consumers, and consumers can generate purchase appeals. What is the 4P composition, product, price, promotion, location.

What is Packaging Design?
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The fifth P is packaging. Products refer to items that combine physical characteristics and service elements to meet customer needs. The price should consider the customer’s purchase cost, as much as possible to recover costs and generate profits. In addition, the pricing strategy varies, depending on the overall goals of the relevant organization. Yile refers to various efforts to improve the visibility of products or services, such as advertising and sales promotion activities. The final location refers to the place where the product is displayed to consumers. The fifth P, packaging, integrates the four elements mentioned above, and combines the physical characteristics of the product, pricing strategy, promotion strategy, and sales channels to create a visual face for the brand.

What is Packaging Design?
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Therefore, we can think that packaging design has four effects. It is a way to protect the product, and at the same time it constitutes a part of the product experience. It is a factor in the formation of product costs. It is a platform for improving product attributes and benefits. It is an auxiliary factor to determine the sales location and final consumption.

Audience and industry

Packaging design is not just to create a container that can store the product, it has to create something that can directly communicate with the target audience, so as to establish a positive connection between the product and the audience. In this connection, successful packaging design needs to consider two main factors, the audience and the industry.

There are five types of consumer

  • First, Loyal consumers, their number accounts for at most 20% of the overall consumers, but their consumption accounts for more than 50% of sales.
  • Second, discount consumers, they often go shopping, but often decide whether to buy according to the complicity of product price reduction.
  • Third, impulsive consumers. Often there is no specific product on their task list, but they will be attracted by products that feel good on the market at that time.
  • Fourth, demand-oriented consumers, they always have a clear intention when shopping, and will eventually buy back a specific product
  • Fifth, consumers who hang out, they do not have clear needs or desires, but they hope to get some new feelings and experiences.
What is Packaging Design?
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Purpose and intention
Purpose, driven by the most basic and practical elements in packaging design
Purpose, size, storage, quality, protection,
Intent, driven by the emotional factors that lead people to make purchasing decisions

Own brand and private label
According to the main difference between brands, brands can be divided into self-owned brands and private brands, that is, self-owned brands are produced by one company and sold by another retailer, while private brands are produced by the same retailer or wholesale Manufacturer production and sales.

Environmental considerations
Packaging is a physical object made with a variety of raw materials. Therefore, its production and disposal should also include important environmental considerations. Consumers and manufacturers are increasingly concerned about the impact of their actions on the environment, which brings designers Under great pressure, they must rethink packaging design to minimize the impact of packaging on the environment, but also to ensure that it can still play the function of protecting products and disseminating information.

Top priority
recycle and re-use
Energy recovery
Dispose of

Create a packaging statement
Changing the packaging system originally used by a product may lead to changes in many aspects, and it may also require a comprehensive and rethinking of the packaging function. However, this may also provide opportunities for brands to create new packaging claims.

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