• Popular Science | Recycling and Recycling Technology of Biodegradable Plastics (4)2022 / 3 / 5

    1.Chemical recycling of mixtur […]

  • Water-soluble Degradable Plastic Bag-Polyvinyl Alcohol2021 / 8 / 16

    Under normal circumstances, plastic bags are insoluble in water, but there are also “plastic bags that can dissolve in water”, and it is one of the green plastic bags, usually called “PVAL”. The chemical name of PVAL is polyvinyl alcohol (PVL).

  • PBAT Performance2021 / 8 / 9

    PBAT has good processing performance and can be made into various films and lunch boxes. The performance of PBAT film is similar to low-density polyethylene (LD-PE), and it is flexible and can be processed on equipment that processes LD-PE.

  • Can PLA+PBAT Zipper Lock Bags be completely degraded?2021 / 8 / 6

    Some time ago, when we recommended our degradable bone-fitting garment packaging bags to a customer in the clothing business at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition, the customer asked whether the bone-fitting parts can also be degraded?

  • The significance of biodegradable plastic bags2021 / 8 / 4

    Since the invention of plastic bags, they have been widely used because of their lighter weight and good performance. Among them, the development of plastic bag materials is the fastest. Plastic bag materials account for 41% of domestic waste, and this kind of waste is actually “permanent” and cannot be degraded.

  • What is Packaging Design?2021 / 7 / 21

    Packaging design is one of the important elements in the product marketing strategy. Marketers promote the visual “face” of product packaging to consumers, so that the product can be supported and recognized by consumers.

  • Biodegradable ECO-frendly Poly Bag|How to Distinguish It?2021 / 5 / 25

    How to distinguish whether a plastic bag is a degradable environmental protection plastic bag? How to distinguish whether a plastic bag is degradable? Why use a degradable environmental protection garbage bag?

  • Biodegradable Plastic Bag|Consumer Evaluation2021 / 4 / 21

    They are extremely biodegradable, which is great, but just know that if you put food into them you need to take the trash out within 24 hours or the heat from the decomposing food causes the bag to begin to decompose.

  • Biodegradable environmental protection plastic bag2021 / 1 / 4

    The starch-based degradable plastic bag contains bio-based corn starch ST30 degradable material, and the implementation standard is GB/T38079-2019.

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