Why biodegradable bags plastic market demand is relatively small?

Why biodegradable bags plastic market demand is relatively small?


Biodegradable plastics not only have the effect of energy saving and emission reduction in the production process, but also have the characteristics of environmental friendliness in the use process. The synthesis of common polyolefin plastics emits a lot of CO and other exhaust gases and pollutants, while the massive use of plastic products, especially films and packaging materials, has caused increasing “white pollution”.

But biodegradable plastic is not, its raw material source is renewable crops, crops in the process of growth through photosynthesis can absorb CO out of the system waste can be completely degraded into water and dyeing material under the conditions of landfill composting work to develop a new degradable plastic – carbon dioxide plastic, is a total of industrial waste, the content of 31% ~ 50%.

Compared with ordinary plastic, carbon dioxide plastic not only uses industrial waste CO to turn waste into treasure, which can effectively reduce the greenhouse effect, but also the consumption of hydrocarbons and upstream raw materials oil is greatly reduced. Shenzhen Jiuxinda Technology Co., Ltd, a PLA full biodegradable bag manufacturer.

Now the main countries producing degradable plastics are the United States, Italy, Germany, Canada, Japan, China, etc. The United States has a special plastic degradation research consortium (PDRC), biological / environmental degradation of plastics research society (BEOPS, etc., whose purpose is to carry out the degradation of materials synthesis, processing technology, degradation tests, testing technology and the establishment of methodological standards system.

Why biodegradable bags plastic market demand is relatively small?

In recent years, Japan has established the Biodegradable Plastics Research Council and the Biodegradable Plastics Practicality Review Committee, and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan has regarded biodegradable plastics as the “fourth new material” after metal materials, inorganic materials and polymer materials.

Europe Bhre-Eurae has established a perfect degradation evaluation system for biodegradable plastics. Italian government legislation banned non-biodegradable plastic bags in 2010. As of 2019 there are many companies worldwide that have announced investments in the construction of fully biodegradable plastics, but few are actually able to supply large quantities. The main manufacturers are German BASF (BASF), which has 140,000t capacity, applied to film-grade products; NatureWorks in the United States, with 140,000t PLA capacity, while the new 15 in Thailand; and the company’s product-shaped joint competition is only BASF, but because the industry is still in monopoly supply, the global market supply exceeds demand, so there is still no competitive pressure for the time being. Shenzhen Jiuxinda Technology Co., Ltd, a PLA full biodegradable bag manufacturer.

With the future growth of biodegradable plastic production, cost reduction and market promotion, the application in agricultural film market will be expected to become a market with endogenous demand without policy promotion. Non-biodegradable agricultural plastic film left in the land will cause serious pollution.

For certain cash crops, such as tobacco, residual plastic film can seriously affect the yield and quality of the crop. The labor cost of removing residual plastic film from the land is high and will continue to rise in the future. Biodegradable plastic does not need to remove the film after use, but can be degraded by turning the soil directly, which does not affect the yield and quality of crops, and saves the labor cost of removing the film.

In addition, as the problem of “white pollution” and the crisis of non-renewable energy become more and more serious, the development and use of biodegradable plastics becomes one of the effective ways to alleviate this problem. Biodegradable plastics include PLA, PCL PBS, etc. Shenzhen Jiuxinda Technology Co., Ltd, a PLA full biodegradable bag manufacturer.

According to the 2017~2022 biodegradable plastics market monitoring and investment feasibility study report, China is currently the only country in the world that can produce all biodegradable plastic product categories, and the product research of each species is also in the forefront of the world, and the production capacity has been expanding rapidly in recent years.

However, at this stage, China’s biodegradable plastics market has not yet been opened, and the demand is relatively small. A large amount of domestic biodegradable plastics production is used for export, and the scale of domestic sales is relatively small.

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