Strengthen the green governance of express packaging bags

Strengthen the green governance of express packaging bags


Promote the source reduction of express packaging materials. Strengthen the treatment of plastic pollution in the express delivery sector, promote the phasing out of the use of non-degradable plastic packaging bags and disposable plastic woven bags in key areas, and reduce the use of non-degradable plastic tapes. Promote the national express delivery business to achieve full coverage of electronic waybills, and greatly increase the application proportion of circulating transit bags (boxes), standardized pallets, and container units. Promote the use of low-weight, high-strength express packaging cartons and glue-free cartons. Encourage the optimization of packaging structure to reduce the use of fillers.

Strengthen the green governance of express packaging bags

Improve the standardization level of express packaging products. Uniformly stipulate the size, physical, safety and environmental performance of express envelopes, cartons, packaging bags, etc., and promote the standardization, serialization and modularization of express packaging products, improve the matching degree with the consignment, prevent large boxes and small use, and reduce random package. E-commerce and express delivery companies are completely prohibited from using inferior packaging bags with heavy metal content, solvent residues, etc., and fillers made of toxic and hazardous materials are prohibited; illegal production and use problems are prominent. Regional people’s governments must treat toxic and harmful inferior express packaging manufacturers , E-commerce and express companies that use illegally to carry out special rectification.

Reduce secondary packaging of e-commerce express mail. Strengthen the upstream and downstream collaboration between e-commerce and express delivery companies and commodity manufacturers, and design and apply e-commerce product packaging that meets the needs of express logistics and distribution. Select a batch of product categories, promote the direct delivery of e-commerce express mail, promote the integration of products and express packaging, and reduce the secondary packaging of e-commerce goods in the delivery link.

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