Biodegradable bag benefits

Biodegradable bag benefits


Everyone knows that the production of degradable plastic bags has made a great contribution to this society. They can completely degrade the plastic that needs to be decomposed for 100 years in just 2 years. This is not only social welfare, but also the whole Country’s luck

Biodegradable bag benefits

In this country with a history of several thousand years, plastic bags have been used for nearly a hundred years. Many people are already familiar with its existence. Walking on the street, you can see one or several people. Some are used for grocery shopping, and some are others. The shopping bags of commodities and the variety of changes make people’s otherwise unexciting lives “brilliant and colorful”.

Because the use of plastic brings convenience to our lives, it also brings disasters. The breakfast we eat every day will be wrapped in plastic bags, and the farmers will use plastic mulch to keep the soil moisture and so on. I believe many of us will still Plastic bags are used as garbage bags. What about these bags after garbage disposal? If the garbage bags are buried in the ground, it will take about 100 years to rot and seriously pollute the soil; if incineration is adopted, harmful smoke and toxic gases will be produced, which will pollute the environment for a long time.

Biodegradable bag benefits

Many countries and regions have banned or restricted the use of plastic bags. The San Francisco City Council passed a bill prohibiting supermarkets, drugstores and other retailers from using plastic bags. In cities such as Los Angeles, the government began to launch plastic bag recycling activities. Some places in Canada, Australia, Brazil and other countries have also introduced regulations that ban plastic shopping bags or pay for their use.

The pollution caused by plastics is obvious to all. Many marine organisms die of suffocation due to plastics, and some of them are put on the body to cause deformation. These hazards are happening almost every day, so we must initiate resistance and make resistance to these things-degradable plastic bags .

Biodegradable bag benefits

Now there is such a group of people who are fighting to keep white pollution away from the earth. A biodegradable plastic bag technology has broken the plastic storm of nearly a hundred years. This technology was rated as “International Advanced and International Leading Technology Level” by Academician Wang Fosong, and is benefiting our future generations. It’s really gratifying that these lovely people have produced such good technology in such an environment. Our world has become so beautiful ever since.

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