Degradable plastic bags Shenzhen packaging manufacturers

Degradable plastic bags Shenzhen packaging manufacturers


Degradable plastic bags are added with a certain amount of additives during the production process, such as starch, modified starch, or other cellulose, photosensitizers, biodegradants, etc., to reduce their stability and easily degrade in the natural environment. Just add Polyethylene cannot be completely degraded.

Generally, there will be a triangular recycling mark on the plastic bags that are normally produced, indicating that they can be recycled, and some recycling marks will have a number in it. This number indicates that the plastic bag is produced by a specific substance, such as 04 represents Low density polyethylene (LDPE). Below the environmental protection label, the production materials of the plastic bag will also be marked. If you see PLA, PHA or PBAT under the environmental label, it means that the plastic bag is biodegradable.

Degradable plastic bags Shenzhen packaging manufacturers

The biodegradable bag is currently the latest new type of eco-friendly biodegradable bag. According to the degradation time required by the customer, the biodegradable bag can be produced into a fully degradable bag (100% degradation within 3 months) and a degradable bag (6-12 months) 100% decomposition inside) two kinds. At the same time, it can provide a variety of colors and exquisite printing, mainly used to replace PE, PP, PO and other plastic film packaging, to meet the increasing international environmental protection needs, and can form various flat bags , Curved bags, handle bags, shopping bags, ziplock bags, etc.

The raw material of the biodegradable bag is a bio-based material, which refers to a new type of material manufactured by biological, chemical, and physical methods using renewable biomass, including crops, trees, other plants and their residues and contents as raw materials. In the natural burial or composting environment where microorganisms exist, it can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water without any pollution to the environment. For example, polylactic acid/polyhydroxy fatty acid ester/starch/cellulose/straw/chitin and gelatin belong to this category. Bio-based products mainly refer to lignocellulosic agricultural and forestry wastes such as straws other than grain.

The main raw material of the biodegradable bag is PLA/PBAT as the basic material, such as crops, cellulose, corn and potato starch produced by fermentation. It is widely used in packaging, agricultural film, tableware, daily necessities and medical treatment.

Product details:
Type: shopping bags, garbage bags, packaging bags, clothing bags, self-adhesive bags, bone bags, etc.
Application: household goods, daily necessities
Harmless to the environment, fully biodegradable
Material: PBAT, corn starch, PLA
Biodegradability: 100% biodegradable
Color: optional/custom
Specification: customized

Degradable plastic bags Shenzhen packaging manufacturers

Industry name: biodegradable bag, degradable plastic bag, degradable plastic bag, degradable packaging bag, compostable packaging bag, garbage bag, mulching film, etc.

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