Vacuum Bag For Storing Clothes|What Should I Pay Attention To ?

Vacuum Bag For Storing Clothes|What Should I Pay Attention To ?


When it comes to the problem that clothes will turn yellow when sorted in bags, Ms. Yang feels upset. Ms. Yang spent 1,300 yuan on a white cashmere coat in South Korea last year. She washed the cashmere coat before the season and sealed it in a sorting bag. As a result, when Ms. Yang took out the coat and wanted to wear it this year, she found that the coat became milky white, which produced a serious color difference compared to when she bought it.

Vacuum Bag For Storing Clothes|What Should I Pay Attention To ?

Regarding Ms. Yang’s “embarrassment”, Ms. Liu also had similar “encounters.” Ms. Liu said that when she wanted to wear a down jacket last winter, she took out the washed clothes from the sorting bag, but found that the clothes were covered with yellow stains, and there were also circles of yellow oil stains. “It’s a good down jacket, so I can’t wear it, it’s a pity.”

Reminder] Misunderstandings about winter clothes cleaning and storage, everyone is optimistic

So, how should winter clothes be washed? How to organize storage? The reporter interviewed the person in charge of the Changchun Washing and Dyeing Industry Association. He pointed out the three major misunderstandings of clothes washing and storage.

Citizen: Can plastic bags or vacuum bags be used to store down jackets and cotton jackets to prevent dust? And there will be no yellow stains on the clothes?

Vacuum Bag For Storing Clothes|What Should I Pay Attention To ?

Answer: The yellow stains on the surface of down jackets are caused by the use of plastic bags when the clothes are stored, which makes the clothes not ventilated and airtight. In addition, when the temperature rises in summer, the down jackets in the plastic bags are covered, and the fatty oil will be lost. Come out, causing yellow stains on white clothing. In addition, the laundry is washed in a washing machine when washing clothes, the laundry detergent may not be completely rinsed off, and the residual laundry detergent can also cause yellow stains.

When down jackets and cashmere sweaters are stored in seasons, some citizens like to use tidy bags with good dust-proof effect, or even waterproof tidy bags with plastic film. In fact, these garments containing animal fibers should be stored with good ventilation effect. Finishing bags, such as non-woven fabrics, should be placed in a ventilated and ventilated place to ensure that the elasticity and warmth retention of the fiber itself are not impaired. Never use vacuum bags for storage.

Citizen: Can the down jackets and cashmere coats worn this year be washed again when they are worn next year?

Answer: All clothes should be washed and dried before storing. Even if you put on clothes once or twice, you should wash them thoroughly before putting them in the sorting box. If the clothes are not cleaned and put directly into the closet, the dirt will easily grow mildew. Moreover, if the oil stains are not thoroughly cleaned and stored for a long time without ventilation, chemical reactions will occur on the surface of the clothes and pigmentation will appear.

Vacuum Bag For Storing Clothes|What Should I Pay Attention To ?

It is understood that more expensive fur garments require professional care, and consumers washing themselves may cause damage to the clothes. If you choose the wrong detergent to clean the fur clothing yourself, it will cause the skin to become hard and brittle. If there is no sterilization treatment, it may also cause bacteria to grow or mold. When storing fur clothing, it is recommended to use a non-woven cloth cover to hang it in a ventilated place.

Citizen: Can the light-colored down jacket be soaked in vinegar when it is cleaned? How to prevent partial yellowing of down jackets after drying?

Answer: Light-colored down jackets are more difficult to clean than ordinary down jackets. Recently, some netizens suggested that they should soak a few drops of white vinegar when washing the down jackets, so that the down jackets will be as bright as new after they are dried. In fact, this statement is not correct. Down jackets must be washed with water, because dry cleaning agents will damage the elasticity of down jackets and affect their warmth retention. Secondly, vinegar is acidic. The dripping vinegar washing method does have a brightening effect in a short time. However, edible vinegar will inevitably add pigments during the production process. If the washing is not thorough, it will cause pigment residues.

[Related Links] The quilt cannot be cleaned

Old-fashioned cotton quilts cannot be washed, because cotton itself has a special nature, and it cannot be washed or dry cleaned. It is understood that the washed cotton will lose its original warmth retention and will form clumps of hard cotton. The dry-cleaned cotton is worse, the smell cannot be removed, and it will shrink into a ball. The only way to clean the cotton quilt is to wash the removed quilt cover, and the cotton inside can only be slowly dried in the sun, and then lightly hit the surface with a small wooden stick to make it fluffy. When the quilt is dry, put it in. Up.

[Special Reminder] Silk quilt is not suitable for washing

Because the mulberry silk quilt (silk quilt) has a special material, it is not possible to use water washing, chlorine bleaching, or ironing to remove stains during washing. After washing with water, the silk tends to agglomerate, shrink and become hard.

Except for quilts, they can be vacuumed and stored

Nowadays, most of the quilts used in the family are made of fiber cotton. There are also silk quilts, wool quilts, and duvets. Because quilts take up more space when storing them, many citizens choose to use vacuum bags to store them.

It is understood that if it is a cotton quilt, it is not recommended to vacuum, although it will not harm the fabric itself, but it will affect the elasticity of the cotton itself, and will affect the comfort.

Vacuum Bag For Storing Clothes|What Should I Pay Attention To ?

The best way to store wool and silk quilts is to put them in a pure cotton bag with good air permeability. If you want to store them in a vacuum bag, they must be dried before storing. The vacuum bag saves space and is more suitable for synthetic fiber fillers such as nine-hole cotton and seven-hole cotton.

Mothballs should be placed around the clothes

Silk and wool clothes are easy to be eaten by insects, so put some mothballs or sanitary balls to prevent insects. But it should be noted that the ethyl ester component in mothballs will damage clothing, so it is enough to put mothballs around the clothes. It is understood that if you want to get rid of the smell of camphor on your clothes immediately, you can put the clothes in a plastic bag, and at the same time put the deodorant used in the refrigerator, and tie the bag tightly so that the smell of camphor will disappear soon. If you are not in a hurry to wear them, just leave your clothes to dry in a cool place for a few days. Dear! Remember to share after reading!

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