Suit Garment Bags |Biodegradable Packaging Bags

Suit Garment Bags |Biodegradable Packaging Bags


We all know that many business people often need to travel on business, and when they are on business, many people will bring an extra suit; but how to fold the suit into the suitcase so that it won’t be crumpled? After all, ironing during a business trip is also very inconvenient. Today, the editor will teach you a few methods.

Suit Garment Bags |Biodegradable Packaging Bags

Below are a few ways we can learn how to fold suits.

  1. If the suitcase is large enough (checked luggage), this method is the easiest. Lay the suit flat, cover it with a thin layer of plastic, and then fold it as shown below. Fold it and put it in a dry laundry bag and put it in the suitcase. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that there will be two horizontal wrinkles after a long packing time.
  2. The suit can also be folded like this: turn one shoulder out, tuck the other shoulder in, and then fold it in half. The advantage is that it occupies a small space after folding and only one horizontal wrinkle appears. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult. It usually takes a few tries to succeed. It also needs to be folded on a flat table. It is more difficult to fold while standing.
Suit Garment Bags |Biodegradable Packaging Bags

Third, you can also use the method of folding shirts to fold suits. The advantage is that it is simple and fast, but the disadvantage is that there will be two wrinkles in one horizontal and one vertical. It is more suitable for packing over a period of time.

Fourth, you can also roll up the suit. It should be noted that there should not be too many clothes in the middle (just one or two shirts or underwear according to the thickness of the suit), otherwise it will be clumsy. This method does not require folding suits at all, and is best for clothes. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult and the space occupied is more awkward.

In addition, if you find it more troublesome to fold a suit, you can also choose a suit bag (also called a suit bag, or a suit storage bag). Usually, when you buy a suit, you usually have a suit dust bag, like the picture below, it can be used, but relatively speaking, it is not too convenient.

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