Corn starch clothing zipper bag customized

Corn starch clothing zipper bag customized


Usually when we buy clothes online, the clothes are packed in a self-adhesive bag or a garment zipper bag. So what are the issues that need to be paid attention to when customizing clothing zipper bags? How can we perfectly show the texture of clothing?

With the rapid development of e-commerce, due to the reproducibility and ease of packaging of plastic zipper bags, clothing zipper bags have gradually replaced plastic self-adhesive bags and become the most important packaging bags for clothing.

Corn starch clothing zipper bag customized

With the development of clothing zipper bags, new materials and new processes are also emerging one after another. Now the materials used in clothing zipper bags include PE materials, PPE materials, and CPE materials.

So what problems should be paid attention to when customizing clothing zipper bags? Let me explain the two most critical issues: transparency and powder.

How to seal clothing bags

In addition to the CPE material that wants a frosted texture, the transparency of clothing zipper bags of other materials is very important. Transparency determines whether the bag can perfectly and non-toxic display the clothing packaged in the bag. If the transparency is not high enough, the plastic bag will be foggy. , Dark clothes are like dirty clothes, which greatly affects the texture of the clothes. Due to the problem of the material itself, the transparency of PE materials cannot be very high. Something happens because of the use of time for a long time or the craftsmanship has not been adjusted properly. It will be greatly reduced.

So how did Pindari plastic bag manufacturers solve this problem? Pindari uses a new type of material, PPE, which is a new type of material produced by the production of PP. It has the characteristics of high transparency and softness, and solves the shortcomings of PE materials.

Corn starch clothing zipper bag customized

Clothing zipper bag:

The precipitation of opener powder is also a major problem in clothing zipper bags, which is usually particularly obvious on dark clothing. When the plastic bag is produced, it is necessary to add an opening agent and a slip agent, otherwise the two sides of the plastic bag will stick together and cannot be opened.

This amount of addition is a test of the production master’s technology. Only through the combination of materials and controlling the metering of the opening agent can the amount of powder precipitation be controlled, and the precipitation of the opening agent powder can be reduced as much as possible while ensuring the opening function.

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