Biodegradable Glasses Bag

Biodegradable Glasses Bag

Product Categories:Biodegradable Bags

Product Introduction:

Biodegradable glasses bag, dust-proof and scratch-proof, and enhance the product image; the decomposition product meets international standards, and is biologically decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by nature, which does not pollute the environment.

Product Details

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdon
Brand: JXD
Material: PALA+PBAT
Bag type: self-adhesive bag, bone bag
Specification: customized
Color: milky white
Size: According to customized requirements
Thickness: 6 silk
Purpose: glasses packaging
Remarks: None

product features:

  1. Quality assurance, safety and environmental protection
  2. Moisture-proof, dust-proof, non-toxic and tasteless, high quality
  3. Thickened high-pressure soft material, strong toughness, tear resistance, and reusable.

Customer display: Xiaomi, BYD, Gree, Flying Branch, Great Wall, Mingyue, Xinbao, Derun, etc.

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