Biodegradable Shopping Bag

Biodegradable Shopping Bag

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Product Introduction:

Biodegradable shopping bag, does not produce toxic gas, does not pollute the soil, and can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water within 3-6 months; it can be applied to various scenes in life, such as supermarket shopping, food packaging, fruit Shop etc.

Product Details

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Brand: Jiuxinda
Material: PALA+PBAT
Bag type: T-shirt bag
Specification: customized
Color: optional/customizable
Size: can be customized
Thickness: 8 silk
Uses: household goods, daily necessities
Remarks: none

Product Features:

  1. Combination of stone-plastic masterbatch, advanced composite blown film technology, forcibly higher and full of toughness.
  2. No dripping, firm sealing, not easy to burst.
  3. It can be completely biodegradable, new type of green environmental protection.
  4. Using PLA/PBAT as the basic material, such as crops, corn starch is produced by fermentation.

Customer display: Xiaomi, BYD, Gree, Flying Branch, Great Wall, Mingyue, Xinbao, Derun, etc.

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