Biodegradable Milk Tea Bag

Biodegradable Milk Tea Bag

Product Categories:Recyclable Bags

Product Introduction:

Biodegradable milk tea bag, stylish design, high temperature sterilization; selected biodegradable materials, green and environmentally friendly, carefully made; the perfect details reflect the production, only bring you a more comfortable experience; the main component of the material is PBAT , PLA, starch, etc.

Product Details

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Brand: JXD
Material: PALA+PBAT
Bag Type: Handbag
Specification: customized
Color: milky white
Size: 10.4+4*36
Thickness: 8 silk
Uses: milk tea packaging, daily necessities packaging
Remarks: The minimum quantity is 2/pcs, no free shipping, and the freight must be paid by yourself Since this product is a hot product, the quantity is limited. Contact customer service for specific delivery time or subject to logistics update, thank you for your cooperation.

Product Features:

  1. Using fully biodegradable raw materials, it can be quickly degraded under composting conditions; green, environmental, healthy and safe.
  2. Trendy packaging, fashion customization, beautify the product image.
  3. Made of high-quality materials, the bag pit pull force is improved, flexibility is improved, and it is not easy to break.
  4. Clear graphics and text printing, fully showing the product grade; years of operating experience, factory direct sales, products are guaranteed.

Customer display: Xiaomi, BYD, Gree, Flying Branch, Great Wall, Mingyue, Xinbao, Derun, etc.

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