Do PBAT compostable degradable bags meet the EN13432 standard?

Do PBAT compostable degradable bags meet the EN13432 standard?


At present, degradable bags of various materials are emerging in endlessly on the market, so which materials made of degradable bags are compatible with compostable degradable bags made of biodegradable materials? Both EN 13432 and BPS require 60% of the material to be biodegraded within 180 days before it can be regarded as a biodegradable material. The PBAT material used to make compostable degradable bags fully meets these requirements.

Do PBAT compostable degradable bags meet the EN13432 standard?
degradable bags of various materials

As shown in the figure, it is a verification test degradation curve showing the degradation rate of PBAT. After 4 weeks, the 30um thick PBAT film almost completely disappeared, and the scene behind it was revealed.

In Europe, several different soils were selected for the degradation test of the PBAT film, and the soil degradation test was done. After half a year, the PBAT film almost completely disappeared. The process is shown in the figure.

It can be seen from different soil degradation tests in several places in Europe that the degradation rate has also changed with different soils, but they are all within the normal range. It can be concluded that the compostable degradable bag made of PBAT meets the EN 13432 and BPS compostable standards, but the premise is that your degradable bag must be produced with PBAT+PLA and will not contain calcium carbonate or other substances. At present, the biodegradable blended materials of many manufacturers on the market do not use this formula, because many manufacturers catch customers’ unfamiliarity with degradable materials, so in order to reduce costs and increase profits, they will mix a lot of non-biodegradable materials into it. . The only biodegradable material of Jiuxinda is PLA+PBAT.

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