• Is PLA in Degradable Bags Easy to be Decomposed?2021 / 8 / 24

    PLA can use ordinary plastic injection mold equipment to process various tableware, such as cups, plates, saucers, lunch boxes, bowls, knives, forks, chopsticks; various containers, such as bottles, barrels, plates, toothbrushes, clothes hangers, and safety helmets And other products. PLA for processing requires that the molecular weight of the resin should not be too large, the melt viscosity should be small, and the processing temperature should be high.

  • Do PBAT compostable degradable bags meet the EN13432 standard?2021 / 8 / 23

    At present, degradable bags of various materials are emerging in endlessly on the market, so which materials made of degradable bags are compatible with compostable degradable bags made of biodegradable materials?

  • Whether degradable clothing packaging bags can be degraded?2021 / 8 / 6

    The degradation test method can be divided into outdoor test and experimental test according to the different test sites. The outdoor test method is a test method formulated according to the use of the material and the final disposal route.

  • Do you use biodegradable plastic bags? How long does it take to completely degrade?2021 / 5 / 18

    How long does it take for the degradable plastic bags made of degradable materials to completely degrade? Have you used biodegradable plastic bags?

  • Why are biodegradable plastic bags so expensive?2021 / 5 / 14

    When it comes to the most common contemporary chemicals in life, plastic is one of them. Because of its stable physical and chemical properties, it is widely used in packaging, catering, home appliances, agriculture and many other fields.

  • Compostable Clothes Bags With Logo|Custom Cornstarch ECO Friendly2021 / 3 / 30

    Environmental protection is getting more and more attention from the public. The white pollution of the environment caused by traditional plastic bags is getting more and more serious. The country has begun a ban on plastics.

  • Biodegradable bags for food2020 / 12 / 24

    With the issuance of the ban on plastics, biodegradable […]

  • Biodegradable bag wholesale2020 / 12 / 21

    The price of biodegradable plastic bags: In order to al […]

  • Raw materials for biodegradable plastics2020 / 12 / 12

    The resin for wood-plastic products can use new materia […]

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