PLA packaging bags|environmentally friendly packaging

PLA packaging bags|environmentally friendly packaging


Customers who cooperate with Jiu Xinda should know that the raw material of Jiu Xinda’s biodegradable plastic bags is PLA+PBAT. Can packaging bags made of PLA be called environmentally friendly packaging bags?

PLA (common name: polylactide) has a glass transition temperature of about 38°C and a crystalline melting point of 230°C to 240°C. The thermodynamic properties are similar to polystyrene, and it is a hard plastic in the glass state at room temperature. In addition, since PLA has an asymmetric carbon atom, the crystalline properties of PLA are largely dependent on the ratio of L-body and D-body (usually designed to have a L-body content of more than 98%). Among the biodegradable plastics currently in practical applications, PLA is the only one with transparency, which is also an important feature of it. The air permeability is higher than that of PE/PP, but the water vapor permeability (especially the moisture permeability) is lower than that of polyolefin and PET, because it has higher water vapor permeability in the glass state.

Polylactic acid (PLA) has good biodegradability. However, unlike PCL and PBS, PLA undergoes hydrolysis first and then undergoes microbial decomposition. Therefore, in the experiment, the processed products are steadily biodegraded in the soil and disappear completely after 1 to 2 years. In addition, according to ISO 14855, the compost can be biodegraded rapidly in an aerobic environment, and can also be biodegraded in an anaerobic environment.

The copolymer of PLA, PLA and PGA has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA, and can be used as a stent, fixation, suture or load material in human medical clinics. Polylactic acid (PLA) will be decomposed into various harmless glucose and lactic acid after 12 months, and finally become CO2 and water during metabolism and excreted from the body.

In summary, the biodegradable bags produced with PLA as a raw material can be called environmentally friendly packaging bags.

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