• PLA packaging bags|environmentally friendly packaging2021 / 8 / 26

    Customers who cooperate with Jiu Xinda should know that the raw material of Jiu Xinda’s biodegradable plastic bags is PLA+PBAT. Can packaging bags made of PLA be called environmentally friendly packaging bags?

  • Water-soluble Degradable Plastic Bag-Polyvinyl Alcohol2021 / 8 / 16

    Under normal circumstances, plastic bags are insoluble in water, but there are also “plastic bags that can dissolve in water”, and it is one of the green plastic bags, usually called “PVAL”. The chemical name of PVAL is polyvinyl alcohol (PVL).

  • The significance of biodegradable plastic bags2021 / 8 / 4

    Since the invention of plastic bags, they have been widely used because of their lighter weight and good performance. Among them, the development of plastic bag materials is the fastest. Plastic bag materials account for 41% of domestic waste, and this kind of waste is actually “permanent” and cannot be degraded.

  • How to find degradable plastic bag manufacturers?2021 / 6 / 1

    Nowadays, there are various manufacturers of biodegradable bags on the market. The market is very chaotic. Many people are trying to “share the soup” with this big wind. The real suitable biodegradable bag material is PLA plus PBAT, but many do not understand the degradable bag.

  • Are all biodegradable plastic bags environmentally friendly?2021 / 3 / 25

    For a long time, the “white pollution” of plastic bags has been a big stone in the hearts of the public, making it difficult for us with conscience to buy things.

  • Under what conditions do degradable plastic bags decompose?2021 / 2 / 20

    Some time ago, a customer asked if they purchased too many biodegradable plastic bags and put them in the warehouse for a long time, would they decompose?

  • Degradable plastic bag|degradable bag2021 / 1 / 22

    Compared with traditional PE(CPE) plastic bags, degradable plastic bags can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water under certain conditions, and have no pollution to soil.

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