Biodegradable bag wholesale

Biodegradable bag wholesale


The price of biodegradable plastic bags: In order to allow the general public to enjoy the current high-level services, many shopping malls and supermarkets will actively give buyers some plastic bags for use. In order to allow everyone to reuse shopping bags as much as possible, some shopping malls even put forward the strategy of buying shopping bags. Although these methods have reduced the chance of everyone using plastic bags, they do bring some trouble to our transportation and extraction. Therefore, more advanced companies and businesses now use biodegradable plastic bags to replace the original plastic bags.

A cheap and high-quality method for degradable plastic bags

Compared with ordinary plastic bags before, the price of degradable plastic bags is slightly higher now. Because in terms of material, the original plastic bag is nothing more than PE material. This material is already very common in the world and does not have any particularity, so the price is naturally not high. However, the material of the degradable plastic bag is PLA+PBAT. These two materials are intended to be relatively new materials because the cost will be slightly higher. If you want to buy, you can also do it directly.

The biodegradable plastic bag can also be customized with LOGO

Not only can the degradable plastic bags be wholesaled, but also the plastic bags can be personalized decoration. Print your company’s LOGO directly on the plastic bag, or directly put your own environmental protection concept on the plastic bag, so that you can not only help your company advertise, but also reflect your own corporate value.

Biodegradable bag wholesale

In the next time, our country, but the world will gradually replace the original traditional plastic bag material with this advanced biodegradable plastic bag material. This is also a force that all of us humans can make for this co-existing planet.

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