Biodegradable plastic bags wholesale

Biodegradable plastic bags wholesale


There are too many types of plastic bags. The custom-made plastic bags with general cognitive ability are likely to be hand-carried bags, such as supermarket shopping bags. There is a kind of plastic bag called composite bag. To put it bluntly, it is a composite of multiple layers of raw materials. The processing technology is more complicated than that of vest bags, and it is common in industrial production and food packaging materials.

Biodegradable plastic bags wholesale

Composite bags generally consist of three layers of raw materials.

The characteristics of different layers are as follows:

  • Surface layer: improve the impact toughness, temperature resistance, packaging and printing characteristics and electro-optical characteristics of the bag.
  • In the middle: highlight the key role of the composite structure, such as insulation and fragrance retention.
  • Inner layer: Mainly nailing characteristics, followed by compression resistance, falling, and airtight characteristics of packaging products.

So, if you have mastered the characteristics of different levels, let’s talk about the characteristics of raw materials at different levels.

Biodegradable plastic bags wholesale

The raw material types and characteristics of composite bags are as follows:

  • BOPP: High tensile strength, but low tear and compressive strength, good organic chemistry reliability, non-toxic, odorless, good water resistance and water solubility.
  • CPP: The fully transparent bag is high, smoothness, and stiffness improved. Therefore, the storage shelf of packaged goods is very good, heat-resistant, and can be steamed above 100%.
  • BOPET: The tensile strength is one of the best among all plastic films, and it has a high barrier to gas and taste. It is one of the raw materials for fragrance preservation.
  • BOPA: Tensile strength, resilience compressive strength, impact compressive strength and cracking compressive strength are far ahead of plastic materials.
  • PE: The most used plastic film has good flexibility, high tensile strength and low shear strength.
  • VMPET/VMCPP: Plastic film with high barrier properties, high-quality aroma retention and light shielding properties, which can prevent food from air oxidation and mildew.
  • EVOH: It has good vapor barrier properties, good fragrance retention and solvent resistance, and is suitable for packaging of vegetable oils and liquids and harmful vapors.
  • AL: Aluminum-platinum raw material, good insulation properties, impermeability, no melt flow rate, and poor air permeability.
Biodegradable plastic bags wholesale

Different raw materials are used for different packaging designs. Regarding the processing technology of a large number of composite bags, please look forward to the JXD packaging bag manufacturer. Contact online customer service for custom-made plastic bags, and humanized plans can be customized on demand!

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