Eco-friendly packaging|Bone-on bag|Flat bags|Lead the new European fashion

Eco-friendly packaging|Bone-on bag|Flat bags|Lead the new European fashion


Nowadays, foreign milk powder is not uncommon in China. People admire it mainly because its quality is guaranteed. Domestic dairy companies have moved closer to the milk source and production equipment of foreign milk companies. However, there is another aspect worth learning from, and that is the packaging of foreign milk powder. . Almost all infant milk powder packages that can be seen everywhere in German supermarkets are in boxes, and canned ones are rare. You may be surprised, why are they all packed in cartons?

Paper-packed milk has become mainstream

Chinese consumers generally believe that canned milk powder is of good quality and conducive to preservation. In fact, the carton packaging of infant milk powder has long become the mainstream in the European market today, mainly because the concept of energy saving and environmental protection in Europe has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Carton packaging not only saves resources, but the carton can be recycled, and even the ink on the carton can be quickly decomposed. Therefore, the packaging of the products is designed with simplicity as the design element. Another reason why the milk powder is packaged in a box is that the milk powder is exposed for less time and less nutrient loss. Because every time the can is opened, the milk powder is exposed once. The box is usually divided into several small bags, which are filled with protective gas, which is better for natural preservation.

Eco-friendly packaging|Bone-on bag|Flat bags|Lead the new European fashion

In the 1960s, Germans drank milk in tin boxes when they climbed Mount Everest. With the development of technology and the prevalence of environmental protection concepts, many milk powders seen in German milk powder counters are now packed in cartons. The carton packaging of some of these natural ingredients can even allow infants to chew and play.

Environmentally friendly packaging has become a trend

Environmental pollution has become one of the important factors hindering economic development. Protecting the environment is becoming more and more important. Food packagers should better understand the impact of their work on the ecology, so as to make more environmentally friendly design choices. While vigorously promoting green food that is non-polluting, safe, high-quality, and nutritious food, the new concept of green packaging has also been continuously valued by people. It refers to packaging that is conducive to the living environment of human beings, and is conducive to environmental protection and resource protection. package of. Research and development of green packaging is an inevitable trend of social development, and it is also a hot spot for competition in the packaging market in the future.

Eco-friendly packaging|Bone-on bag|Flat bags|Lead the new European fashion

The technical system of green packaging should solve the problem of damage to the ecological environment during the entire process of packaging before and after use, research and find ideal green packaging technology, and develop and research corresponding green packaging products and methods for different commodities. The practical significance of advocating green packaging is to promote the establishment and improvement of packaging resource recycling and regeneration systems, so that packaging waste can be fully utilized, greatly reducing the pollution and damage to the ecological environment, reducing the consumption of natural resources, and making humans a living environment. Safer and more comfortable.

Common environmentally friendly packaging materials

Paper material The raw material of paper is mainly natural plant fibers, which will decay quickly in nature and will not cause environmental pollution. It can also be recycled and remade into paper. Paper materials are also used for many purposes, such as pulp injection molding parts, composite materials, and building materials. In addition to the advantages of light weight, low price, shock resistance, etc., pulp molded products also have good air permeability, which is beneficial to the preservation of fresh goods. In international commodity circulation, they are widely used in eggs, fruits, glass products and other fragile products. , Easy to break, on the turnover packaging of items that are afraid of squeezing.

Eco-friendly packaging|Bone-on bag|Flat bags|Lead the new European fashion

While biodegradable materials have been widely used in plastics, the “white pollution” that accompanies the use of plastics has also attracted widespread attention from all over the world. Australia Plastics Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of environmentally friendly plastic packaging bag that will slowly dissolve in water. This new type of plastic packaging bag is biodegradable and harmless to the human body. Its main raw material is corn starch.

Edible packaging material Edible packaging film. For decades, the glutinous rice paper used on the familiar candy packaging and the corn baking cup for packaging ice cream have been typical edible packaging. The edible cling film generally used now has developed into a multi-component edible film made of a variety of biological macromolecules (proteins and polysaccharides) and lipids with a variety of functional properties.

This kind of composite membrane is mainly through the interaction between different molecules to form a stable emulsion, and then dry to volatilize the solvent to form a porous, transparent or translucent three-dimensional network structure film, this porous network structure makes The film has obvious water resistance and certain optional air permeability, so it has broad application prospects in the food industry, especially in the preservation of fruits and vegetables.

Eco-friendly packaging|Bone-on bag|Flat bags|Lead the new European fashion

Packaging materials that are reused and recycled are reused packaging, such as beer, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar and other packaging that are used repeatedly in glass bottles. Sweden and other countries implement the repeated reuse of polyester PET beverage bottles and PC milk bottles for more than 20 times. Wellman of the Netherlands and Johnson of the United States carry out 100% recycling of PET containers.

With the increase in the amount of packaging waste, waste disposal costs continue to rise, increasing the recycling of packaging waste and the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials have become a general trend. As an enterprise, it is necessary to improve the awareness of green packaging and establish a scientific development concept. As the government should macro-control, build packaging deposits, resource recovery incentives, green subsidies and other systems to create conditions for the development of the green packaging industry.

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