Biodegradable Shipping Bags For Clothes

Biodegradable Shipping Bags For Clothes


Most courier companies will have packaging at the outlets, but the recipient will not bring the packaging. You can fill in the form and hand the items to the courier for him to help you return to the outlet for packaging. Generally, the courier recommends that you pack it yourself, which can save some money.

Special commodities or valuables are best packaged by yourself, because there are many specifications, varieties, and various types of packaging, and the express company cannot prepare them, so it is best to package them before sending them.

Extended information:
The basic requirement of express packaging is that the box must be solid and there must be no gaps. The standard is to have no shaking sound and press the seam of the box hard to prevent the tape from falling off. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the natural fall from a height of 2 meters to ensure that it will not be damaged.

Generally, you can use plastic bags (PAK bags) to reduce transportation costs for soft items (such as clothes, bags, and stuffed toys) that are not afraid of falling, but pay attention to sealing. All the internal items are first packaged with plastic film or plastic paper.

For items originally packaged for sale, the general merchants have considered the risk of transportation, and can add 1 layer of foam film on the outside, then add 2-3 layers of kraft paper and wrap it with tape.

During the Shanghai World Expo, it was also tried out in Shanghai for a period of time. Once the trial is officially launched, customers need to show their ID cards when sending express shipments. The courier company’s clerk must open the package to inspect and verify the delivered items, and also register this information into the computer, and the recipient must also show the ID card to receive the express. Industry insiders said that it can increase the safety factor of express delivery to a certain extent.

The real-name express delivery system not only helps to ensure the safety of the recipient, the courier and the express company, but also helps regulate the express market. However, the increased cost of express delivery companies may be paid by consumers themselves.

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