Compostable bubble express bag

Compostable bubble express bag


With the continuous development of the Internet economy, more and more people are trying to start businesses via the Internet, and more and more Taobao and Tmall merchants have appeared. In this way, the emergence of compostable express bubble bags has become an artifact used by e-commerce companies to reduce packaging costs! Let’s take a look at how express bubble bags reduce costs!

  1. First of all, the scope of application of composted express bubble bags is quite extensive, especially for small items such as clothing, books, medicines, 3c products, etc.
  2. The biodegradable express bubble bag can replace the traditional carton packaging. Its production cost and labor cost are lower. It does not require tapes or fillers. The key is very convenient. You can put a small product in about 10 seconds. Bale.
  3. The reason why the compostable express bubble bag can be used instead of carton is closely related to its structure. It is formed by the composite of pearl film, kraft paper, laser film, co-extrusion film and bubble film. The thickness of the bubble film determines the shock resistance of the express bubble bag, and the choice of film material affects the surface style of the express bubble bag.

JXD Packaging has focused on the development and production of cushioning materials such as express bubble bags for 15 years.

It has 15 sets of bubble film blowing equipment, more than 20 sets of high-speed bubble bag making equipment, 15 sets of e-commerce logistics express bag equipment, 12 sets of slicing equipment, 12 sets of cutting beds, 12 sets of profile stamping machines, and strong production strength.

Excellent product designers, experienced production team, adhere to the design concept of “safety and environmental protection”, and constantly research, improve and innovate product production processes.

It can be laminated with grid conductive film, black conductive film, PE printing film, pearl cotton, thermal insulation material, etc. Laminated bubble bag, firm lamination, high safety protection coefficient, shock resistance and shock resistance, full and uniform bubbles, anti-static product effect Long lasting, stable resistance value.

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