PBAT Smart Foot Bath Packaging Bag

PBAT Smart Foot Bath Packaging Bag


Smart foot bath packaging bag can choose PE packaging bag, CPE packaging bag, fully degradable packaging bag (PLA+PBAT), which material packaging bag to choose depends on the positioning of the product. Let me share with you the advantages and disadvantages of various packaging bags.

PBAT Smart Foot Bath Packaging Bag

Use PE bags to pack

Advantages: low cost of PE packaging bag.Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle and unsightly; non-degradable, very suitable for export to developed countries; lower product quality.

Use CPE bags to pack

Advantages: lower price; good hand feeling and beautiful appearance.
Disadvantages: non-degradable and cannot be exported to developed countries.

Use fully degradable packaging bags (PLA+PBAT)

Advantages: degradable, can be exported to developed countries; not easy to wrinkle, beautiful.
Disadvantages: The price is slightly more expensive than the first two.

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