PLA Sticky Bag|PLA Drawstring Bag|PLA Flat Pocket

PLA Sticky Bag|PLA Drawstring Bag|PLA Flat Pocket


PLA Bone Bag

Bone-attached bags are used in industrial packaging more often, and they are usually recycled. It is commonly used in the packaging of digital electronic products, such as the packaging of various accessories of mobile phones, such as earphones, chargers, batteries, etc., after use, they can be packaged again, which is very convenient for users to use. There is also the packaging of work documents, which are often used in bone bags, such as the resumes we often bring to interviews, or when students are taking exams, when preparing for exams, we often use bone bags.

PLA Sticky Bag|PLA Drawstring Bag|PLA Flat Pocket

Features of Bone Bag:

  1. The packaging is simple, the sealing is convenient, and it can be recycled;
  2. Improve the packaging grade of the product, which can better promote the product and promote the product brand;
  3. It is convenient to pack files and products, and it is more convenient to carry.

PLA bone-fitting bags are PLA biodegradable materials instead of PE (CPE) made of traditional bone-fitting bags, which can be biodegraded into carbon dioxide and water. Because after the bone bag is used, there is no need to use it, consumers will still throw it away, which will cause white pollution in the environment, so many developed countries now mandate that all packaging bags must be made of degradable materials. Production, and now many light industrial products made in China have gone abroad and exported to these developed countries, and the corresponding packaging bags must also be packaged with bags made of biodegradable materials.

PLA Sticky Bag|PLA Drawstring Bag|PLA Flat Pocket
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String bag

Stringed bags refer to bags that can be recycled. After use, one day suddenly loses use value, and is discarded without causing white pollution to the environment. For example, in the past few years, when biodegradable materials have not been widely promoted in the market, when many consumers go to the supermarket to buy daily necessities, they will carry a large cloth bag to the supermarket. Such a cloth bag is an environmentally friendly bag. Furthermore, the current degradable materials, such as PLA/PBAT/biostarch-based, etc., are all degradable materials. The bags made of these degradable materials, after being used, will be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water at a certain temperature and humidity, and will not cause white pollution in the environment.

PLA Sticky Bag|PLA Drawstring Bag|PLA Flat Pocket

Features of the bag:

  1. Can be recycled, easy to carry;
  2. The packaging is green and environmentally friendly, and the pollution to the environment is much lighter than that of PE plastic bags;
  3. Increase the frequency of bag use, reduce the frequency of development of non-renewable resources, and adhere to the ideological policy of sustainable development.

PLA drawstring bags are relative terms. They are compared to traditional PE bags. However, if they are not used well, the people’s environmental awareness is not strong. If they are used well, they will still pollute the environment if they are discarded casually. of. In order to solve this problem, the degradable materials of PLA or PBAT are now vigorously promoted and used. Now many developed countries must use biodegradable materials for production, regardless of whether they are used in daily life or used in industry.


Flat pockets are often used for packaging mobile phone data cables, computer data cables, or packaging mobile phones and tablet computers, and they are often reused.

Features of the bag:

  1. The packaging is simple and convenient, and can be recycled;
  2. The appearance is beautiful, and the brand level of the product is improved;
  3. The packaging cost is low, which can protect the product from being scratched.

PLA flat pockets are relatively traditional PE flat pockets. The production materials are biodegradable, but the fields of use and functions are the same. In addition, the PLA flat pocket feels much better than the previous PE flat pocket.

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