PBAT Performance

PBAT Performance

  1. PBAT has good processing performance and can be made into various films and lunch boxes. The performance of PBAT film is similar to low-density polyethylene (LD-PE), and it is flexible and can be processed on equipment that processes LD-PE. PBAT can be used to coat foamed starch lunch boxes to improve the tearing strength and humidity strength of the starch lunch boxes, and it is resistant to oil and water. The printing performance of PBAT is also very good.
  2. PBAT does not need to be dried before processing. PBAT has good processing solution stability when the temperature is lower than 230℃; it has good tensile properties and can produce a film with a thickness of 10um. PBAT has good barrier properties to oxygen and water vapor. PBAT is the same as LD-PE processing equipment, and has a good price/performance ratio.
  3. PBAT has the advantage of saving energy and does not need to be dried before processing. In addition, the processing temperature of PBAT is usually only 150°C~160°C, and PBAT can be processed with equipment for processing LD-PE. PBAT, like other polyesters, has a higher density than LD-PE.
  4. The biodegradability of PBAT is tested in accordance with the standard ISO 14855: 1999 “Testing the Biodegradability and Disintegration of Plastic Materials under Controlled Composting Conditions-Using the Method of Measuring the Carbon Dioxide Released”. PBAT has good biodegradability. However, the biodegradation rate of PBAT is slightly slower than that of cellulose.

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