Where can I buy vacuum bags|Vacuum bag manufacturers and suppliers

Where can I buy vacuum bags|Vacuum bag manufacturers and suppliers


Where are the vacuum bags available? The friend who asked this question must have just started a business, and is in a food business, and needs a vacuum bag to keep the business videos fresh. In fact, there are many channels to buy vacuum bags, such as offline food plastic bags with agents, but the price is definitely a bit more expensive. So now I usually look for vacuum bag sources online. The cheapest and most direct way is to find vacuum bag manufacturers and suppliers. Now I will show you how to find suppliers quickly and how to find cheap and high-quality vacuum bag manufacturers and suppliers.

First. Through Baidu, first find out if there are any local vacuum bag manufacturers

There are several advantages to directly looking for local manufacturers:

(1) You can inspect the product quality of the vacuum bag supplier on the spot, which can save you the expense of finding the source of goods in the early stage;
(2) If you find a suitable source of goods, you can also reduce future transportation costs. Don’t believe in any nonsense such as free shipping, but believe in the principle of “wool comes out of the sheep”. If the distance is far, the cost is definitely expensive, even if the price can be as cheap as the local, the corresponding quality may not be guaranteed;
(3) For future cooperation problems, you can go directly to the factory to find them. In many cases, the cooperation is because the distance is too far, and many things are directly exchanged in the air. Many times the manufacturers will like to wrangling. Once you are closer, The supplier knows that you can come to him at any time, so that they will not dare to be shoddy in the product.

Where can I buy vacuum bags|Vacuum bag manufacturers and suppliers

Second. Search through related keywords on Alibaba. For example, you can search for “vacuum bag manufacturer” or “vacuum bag manufacturer supplier”. If you find their company, first check their company qualifications and whether they have production If there is no certificate for the vacuum bag, it means that their products are not up to standard, and your use of it may affect your future business. Because the vacuum bag you use must be used for packaging food, once the vacuum bag is produced with toxic materials, can it be used to package food?

So when looking for vacuum bag manufacturers, you need to pay attention to the following points:

(1) To understand what material is the vacuum bag production material of the supplier you are looking for, because according to the material classification, there are PET vacuum bags, AL vacuum bags, CPE vacuum bags or PET? NY/AL/CPE composite material vacuum bags, and now there are also vacuum bags made of biodegradable materials.
(2) If the bag bulges after being evacuated, in addition to the lax sealing, on the one hand, the quilt and other things in the bag will deflate and reduce the vacuum degree; on the other hand, from a physics perspective No matter how dense the material is, there are voids. Due to the negative pressure, air molecules will be “squeezed into” the bag over time, and the vacuum effect will gradually decrease.
(3) Before putting the clothing in the collection bag, the wrapping paper or bag should be removed, otherwise the compression effect will be affected.
(4) Prevent too much moisture left in the bag. If the temperature in a certain place is relatively low, it will condense into water droplets.

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