Can nylon vacuum bags hold food?

Can nylon vacuum bags hold food?


Nylon vacuum bag is based on nylon (Nylon) English name Polyamide (abbreviated as PA), which is the general name of thermoplastic resin containing repeating amide groups—[NHCO]— on the molecular backbone. A new type of flexible packaging material compounded with HDPE high pressure polyethylene through ethyl acetate glue. After being cured for 24 hours in the curing room, it is slit and various forms of packaging bags are produced on the bag making machine. The following is the main topic. What are the advantages of vacuum bags and matters needing attention?
Features and advantages of nylon vacuum bag

Can nylon vacuum bags hold food?
  1. It has excellent puncture resistance, ideal vacuuming effect, and high cost performance;
  2. Clean, harmless, non-toxic, environmentally safe and safe. Pass the SGS certification and comply with the RoHS directive requirements;
  3. Anti-static treatment, excellent performance, effective protection of your products
  4. Transparent and beautiful, the vacuum-packed articles are dynamically visible and easy to identify;
  5. Wide applicability. It can be used as small as a single part or as large as the entire equipment.
  6. Good printability, which helps to improve the image and grade of vacuum-packed articles.
    Note for nylon vacuum bag:
  7. Sealed package, store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight, avoid contact with fire and corrosive substances.
  8. The shelf life is more than 730 days from the date of leaving the factory (use according to the requirements)
  9. After receiving the goods, please open it in time to measure whether the nylon vacuum bag size meets the customized requirements, whether the sealing edge is not sealed, our company can provide free return and exchange services for the above problems, please note that the premise is before use
  10. The sealing temperature is adjusted between 180 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius on the vacuum packaging machine. During the vacuuming process, the temperature should be adjusted properly and the pressure should be lowered to avoid air leakage caused by excessive vacuuming.
Can nylon vacuum bags hold food?

From the above summary, we can find that nylon vacuum bags can be used to package food, but they need to be stored at low temperatures so that the high temperature will not cause the nylon vacuum bags to decompose harmful substances that are not good for human health.

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