Plastic Science
  • Degradable plastics industry terminology interpretation2023 / 7 / 29

    • degradation A process involv […]

  • The Raw Material Formula of Biodegradable Bags Introducted2021 / 9 / 1

    The raw material components of biodegradable bags are PLA, PBAT, starch, synthetic polymers, plasticizers, starch structure breakers and other additives. The starch used for the raw material of the biodegradable bag does not need to be dried or added water first.

  • Physical and chemical properties of environmentally friendly degradation bags2021 / 8 / 31

    The Z-type environmentally friendly degradable bag film (with the proportion of PLA being 60% to 80% starch and modified cellulose) has been processed and added with aliphatic polyester, which improves the biodegradability, especially the composting performance.

  • What is the optimal ratio of PLA and PBAT blends?2021 / 8 / 30

    PLA+PBAT is the raw material for all biodegradable bags produced by Jiuxinda, mainly through the ratio of the two degradable materials to produce industrial packaging bags for different usage scenarios and packaging bags for daily use.

  • PLA packaging bags|environmentally friendly packaging2021 / 8 / 26

    Customers who cooperate with Jiu Xinda should know that the raw material of Jiu Xinda’s biodegradable plastic bags is PLA+PBAT. Can packaging bags made of PLA be called environmentally friendly packaging bags?

  • How is the PLA in the biodegradable bag made?2021 / 8 / 25

    The tensile strength and elongation of PLA film are almost the same as those of PE. Taking a biaxially stretched film as an example, the tensile strength and elongation of PLA are 190 MPa and 135%, respectively, while PE is 235 MPa and 130%, respectively.

  • Is PLA in Degradable Bags Easy to be Decomposed?2021 / 8 / 24

    PLA can use ordinary plastic injection mold equipment to process various tableware, such as cups, plates, saucers, lunch boxes, bowls, knives, forks, chopsticks; various containers, such as bottles, barrels, plates, toothbrushes, clothes hangers, and safety helmets And other products. PLA for processing requires that the molecular weight of the resin should not be too large, the melt viscosity should be small, and the processing temperature should be high.

  • The most suitable PBAT content in biodegradable eco-friendly bags2021 / 8 / 19

    We often say that the degradable environmental protection bag is made of PLA+PBAT blown film. What is the content of PBAT and the quality of the bag is the best? Let me share with you how our blend of PBAT and PLA is matched by Jiuxinda.

  • Are biodegradable bags really environmentally friendly?2021 / 8 / 18

    At present, the raw materials for the production of biodegradable bags on the market are mainly PLA and PBAT. Generally, one kind of raw material is not used directly to produce biodegradable bags.

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