Biodegradable bags for food

Biodegradable bags for food


With the issuance of the ban on plastics, biodegradable plastic bags are slowly being applied to food, clothing and apparel and other industries. So what are the advantages of using biodegradable plastic bags for food packaging over traditional plastic bags? What are the specific functions?

Biodegradable bags for food

Biodegradable plastic bags refer to degradation caused by the action of microorganisms in nature under natural conditions such as soil and/or sandy soil, and/or specific conditions such as composting conditions or anaerobic digestion conditions or in aqueous culture fluids. And finally completely degraded into carbon dioxide (CO₂) or/and methane (CH), water (H₂O) and mineralized inorganic salts of the elements contained therein, as well as new biomass plastic bags.

Biodegradable bags for food

What are the effects of using biodegradable plastic bags for food?

  1. The protective effect of biodegradable plastic bags on the food in the bag; in the circulation of goods, when exposed to direct sunlight, the food is prone to air oxidation, discoloration, and taste change. The use of biodegradable plastic bags isolates the food It is moldy in direct contact with the outside, and food products exposed to the air are prone to mold, rot and taste.
  2. Biodegradable plastic bags increase the shelf life of the food in the bag; general foods, especially meat products, under all normal conditions, will produce main manifestations of damage such as bad taste within two days. But after using biodegradable plastic bags, the shelf life increases. The food is stored in the packaging and outer packaging box, which can protect the food well and avoid damage.
  3. The marketing and promotion function of biodegradable plastic bags; meticulous food packaging boxes can easily attract consumers’ attention. Promoted the marketing stage of food and reduced the cost of brand promotion.
  4. Convenient transportation of biodegradable plastic bags; food packaged in biodegradable plastic bags is easier to transport, and the change of the natural environment will not harm the mildew of commodities. In the whole process of commodity circulation, the risk of food itself being polluted by the environment is also greatly reduced. Food products in biodegradable plastic bags are a good way to prevent this kind of situation.
Biodegradable bags for food

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