Biodegradable garment bags wholesale

Biodegradable garment bags wholesale


Clothing packaging biodegradable bags are well known to everyone, but if we analyze it further, it is very likely that many people only understand that they are environmental protection packaging bags. In which aspects are they actually used, and how are they different from ordinary plastic bags? In the case of choosing a fully dissolving plastic bag distributor, it is very likely that you will only know about it and look forward to it. Below, Wuxi Chunyu Environmental Protection Products Co., Ltd., a technical professional flexible packaging manufacturer, is here to explain the practical advantages and application of fully soluble plastic bags.

Biodegradable garment bags wholesale

The clothing packaging biodegradable bags use tapioca starch as the key raw material, which can be dissolved into carbon dioxide and water in the geographical environment, reducing the dissolution time of plastics and reasonably reducing air pollution.

  1. Environmental protection: The use of fully soluble plastic bags can greatly reduce the problem of white garbage flooding caused by general plastic bags that cannot be decomposed.
  2. High-quality characteristics: Fully dissolving plastic bags use tapioca starch as the key raw material. The dissolving ability is better than other raw materials. The service life is better than paper bags, and the cost is less than paper bags.
  3. Exquisite and mostly capable: Fully soluble plastic bags and general plastics have the same functions except for the different ingredients and raw materials. They can be exquisitely packaged and printed, with moderate size, and can be used for packaging many commodities.
  4. Recycling and reuse: The fully soluble plastic bag has the characteristics of softness, abrasion resistance, folding type, and good layering, and it takes a long time to recycle and reuse.
Biodegradable garment bags wholesale

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a key production material for garment packaging biodegradable bags. It is a new type of biodegradable raw material suitable for various production and processing methods such as extrusion, injection molding, film drawing, spinning, etc. Convenient, it can also be used in food packaging, clothing packaging, clothing packaging, Chinese fast food lunch boxes, non-proof fabrics, industrial production and civilian fabrics, agricultural machinery textiles, three-dimensional printing, etc.

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