The shelf life of biodegradable bags

The shelf life of biodegradable bags


Biodegradable plastic bags are biodegradable. When customizing biodegradable plastic bags, general customers will worry about whether the biodegradable plastic bags are biodegradable and have a shelf life. Can biodegradable bags continue to be used after their shelf life? And other related issues. JXD, a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, will answer this question.

The shelf life of biodegradable bags

The material composition of biodegradable plastic bag is composed of PLA (polylactic acid) and PBAT (polyhexamethylene diacid), which are recognized as environment-friendly materials and harmless green products. Under the condition of compost degradation, biodegradable plastic bags can be completely biodegraded within 180 days, and the degraded products are carbon dioxide and water, which can be directly absorbed by plants and returned to the soil, or can be degraded after entering the general environment, without polluting the environment, and truly originate from and belong to nature.

The use of biodegradable plastic bags greatly reduces the environmental pollution caused by plastic products, which is truly green, healthy and safe to use.

The required degradation time of biodegradable plastic bags is related to the environment. In general daily environment, even if the time exceeds six months to nine months, they will not decompose and disappear immediately. However, the physical properties of biodegradable bags begin to change while their appearance remains unchanged, and their strength and toughness gradually deteriorate with time, which is a sign of degradation.

The shelf life of biodegradable bags

Biodegradable plastic bags can’t be hoarded in large quantities, but can only be purchased in proper quantities. The storage requirements for storage are to keep them clean and dry, not to be exposed to direct sunlight, and pay attention to the storage management principle of first in first out. Therefore, for biodegradable plastic bags, there is a contradiction, that is, it is impossible to require quick degradation and long storage time. Biodegradable plastic bags can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water in 180 days under natural or industrial composting conditions, which has no pollution to the natural environment.

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