Biodegradable plastc carry bag wholesale

Biodegradable plastc carry bag wholesale


The wholesale price of fully degradable handbags-how much, the environmentally friendly degradable material packaging bags are made of two different materials. One is made of renewable materials (such as bagasse cassava starch, called “renewable material environmental protection packaging bags.” The other is based on the interaction of molecular structures in the packaging bags, under the conditions of light or photothermal power generation Made of decomposable main material that accelerates dissolution. This environmentally friendly packaging is also called “degradable plastic bag”

Biodegradable plastc carry bag wholesale

The above content is related to the difference between the quality of packaging plastic bags by biodegradable plastic bag manufacturers. If you want to know more about the content of biodegradable plastic bags, you can contact online customer service, we will be happy at your service.

During the Spring Festival holiday, people visiting relatives and friends are holding exquisite gift boxes. All kinds of tasteful gift boxes leave a lot of faces for the host, but the beautiful packaging will eventually become a burden in our lives. Because most of these packaging materials contain polymer compounds such as polystyrene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride that are difficult to decompose. According to the survey, 7% of domestic waste is packaged with waste plastic about 190,000 tons every year. The “white pollution” problem of discarded plastics is becoming more and more serious, and it is time to solve it.

Biodegradable plastc carry bag wholesale

Packaging bags are very common in our lives, but packaging bags that we cannot use ourselves are environmentally friendly. When buying toys, beer, cigarettes and drinks in the supermarket, buying food and clothing in restaurants, buying clothing in clothing stores, buying jewelry in jewelry stores, buying jewelry in food stores When dried fruits and snacks are everywhere, packaging bags are really everywhere, so are you using environmentally friendly packaging bags? What has environmentally friendly packaging bags brought to our lives?

Using this kind of biodegradable packaging bag to pack food materials, in addition to storing good food materials, maintaining human health and protecting the ecological environment, it also plays an important role in the concept of sustainable development of social development. Biodegradable packaging bags are everyday products that everyone cannot lack in their daily lives. With the improvement of living standards and more and more people’s understanding of health, more and more people are just beginning to care about the raw materials and product quality of biodegradable packaging bags. Various fields are increasingly concerned about the product development and production of such low-carbon environmentally friendly packaging bags. manufacture.

Biodegradable plastc carry bag wholesale

Biodegradable materials are mostly produced by adding starch and photosensitizers, mixed with polyethylene and polystyrene. Studies have shown that starch-based biodegradable plastic bags eventually enter the garbage dump without exposure to sunlight, even if there is a biological double decomposition effect, the decomposition effect is mainly biological decomposition. According to the test for a certain period of time, the garbage bag has no obvious decomposition phenomenon, and the garbage bag is not naturally damaged, which plays a certain role in preserving the garbage in the bag.

Biodegradable plastc carry bag wholesale

Tongchuan environmental protection fully degradable handbag wholesale price-how much, “The series of standards released this time affect the enterprise is the biodegradable plastic packaging bag.” Banning introduced that using biodegradable plastic packaging bags, the cost is the cost of existing packaging bags At present, China’s biodegradable plastic packaging bag raw material production capacity still has certain bottlenecks. “If all express packaging bags are changed to biodegradable plastic packaging bags, the demand will far exceed the production capacity. I hope that the new version of the national standard will guide and encourage capable Leading enterprises to reduce damage to the environment.” According to reports, it takes 200 years for the currently used plastic bags to be degraded under natural conditions, while biodegradable plastic express packaging bags can be degraded by more than 90% in half a year by composting. If the temperature and humidity are appropriate, they can be completely degraded into Carbon dioxide and water.

Degradable packaging bags are degradable, and the plastic bags used in product and food packaging can be customized according to the needs of enterprises. The difference from ordinary plastic packaging bags is that after being discarded, the degradable plastic packaging bags can be degraded into water, carbon dioxide or other substances in various forms, but ordinary plastic packaging bags cannot be degraded or take a hundred years to degrade, causing white pollution. Environmental hazards are greater. Every time we enter the supermarket, we not only look at the packaging of the products that are more attractive to us, but the amount of this kind of ordinary plastic packaging bags is huge, and the degradation treatment is difficult. Degradable packaging bags bring us a solution.

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