• Water-soluble Degradable Bags2021 / 8 / 17

    The raw materials of water-soluble degradation bags are mainly polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and starch blends. Both of these raw materials are polymer materials. If they are piled up together, they will indeed turn into rubbish and cause white pollution.

  • Whether degradable clothing packaging bags can be degraded?2021 / 8 / 6

    The degradation test method can be divided into outdoor test and experimental test according to the different test sites. The outdoor test method is a test method formulated according to the use of the material and the final disposal route.

  • Starch-based plastic for the production of degradable packaging bags2021 / 5 / 22

    At present, the degradable raw materials in degradable packaging bags on the market are mainly starch-based plastics. Because the cost of starch-based packaging is much lower than that of PLA or PBAT.

  • What are the degradable packaging bags?2021 / 3 / 22

    Professional flexible packaging manufacturer JXD Packaging has introduced advanced plastic packaging bags (PE, PP, BOPP, PS materials) D2W oxidative biodegradation technology, EPI degradation technology, TDP degradation technology and other advanced production processes.

  • Biodegradable plastc carry bag wholesale2020 / 12 / 25

    The wholesale price of fully d […]

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