Can biodegradable bags come into contact with food?

Can biodegradable bags come into contact with food?


Illness comes from the mouth. I don’t know why readers think about packing food in garbage bags. This is the case with non-degradable garbage bags in the past, and so is degradable garbage bags now!

All biodegradable garbage bags will degrade into water, carbon dioxide, methane and new biomass. After testing, it is really harmless to the environment and human body.

Can biodegradable bags come into contact with food?

However, biodegradable garbage bags are not dust-free production, and different manufacturers have different production environments. In the production process, it is necessary to blow film, make bags, package, transport and distribute them to users …

Every link, there is contact, will be exposed to the air, don’t say contaminated with bacteria, dust is also a lot.

If, not because the conditions are not allowed, I have never advised users to take garbage bags to pack food! Especially direct contact with food!

After the state banned plastics, degradable products became famous, but the voice was not proportional to the industry market, and degradable garbage bags were still mixed.

Can biodegradable bags come into contact with food?

In the face of various degradable garbage bag products, users do not have a complete and feasible identification method. Even if they are cautious, they may buy shoddy products.

Suggest users that degradable garbage bags should only be used to hold garbage!

From the point of view of degradation raw materials, there are several sources, including natural polymer materials, chemically modified and blended modified polymers.

We don’t know whether degradable garbage bags will produce chemical reaction when they come into contact with food, especially “hot food”.

Only products that are clearly marked, made of food materials and produced in strict accordance with the standard process can package food!

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