What are the degradable packaging bags?

What are the degradable packaging bags?


In order to advocate green packaging, the packaging bags can be quickly and completely degraded without pollution under natural conditions after being used and discarded. Professional flexible packaging manufacturer JXD Packaging has introduced advanced plastic packaging bags (PE, PP, BOPP, PS materials) D2W oxidative biodegradation technology, EPI degradation technology, TDP degradation technology and other advanced production processes.

What are the degradable packaging bags?

D2W oxidized biodegradable packaging bag

JXD packaging uses the world’s advanced and environmentally friendly D2W oxidative biodegradable plastic technology to produce degradable packaging bags. This technology is a mature technology that has passed the American ASTM6954 standard (oxidation first and then biodegradation). It can be used in large quantities in packaging products such as PE, PP, BOPP, PS, etc. After these packaging bags are discarded, they can be naturally decomposed into water, carbon dioxide and cell biomass in the general environment without leaving organic polymers in the soil. among.

What are the degradable packaging bags?

The principle is to degrade several mineral salt ions in the particles through a little (usually 1%) D2W oxidative biodegradation, so that the packaging bag will be broken into small fragments under the condition of oxygen. This situation will continue until small. The fragments are broken down into extremely tiny substances with a molecular weight of less than 5000 that can be completely decomposed by microorganisms in the general biological environment. At this time, plastic is no longer plastic.

EPI degradable packaging bag

Many large supermarkets in North America and Australia have specified products containing EPI biodegradable plastic additives. As a fully oxidized biodegradable additive, EPI has a reputation of being the most cost-effective on the market. The use of EPI biodegradable packaging bags will generally only increase the cost by 10-20%, but the cost of using new materials may increase by 1-2 times.

What are the degradable packaging bags?

EPI degradable packaging bag is a world pioneer and leader in oxidative biodegradable plastic technology.

TDP degradable packaging bag

TDP degradable packaging bags can be oxidized and decomposed under natural conditions such as ultraviolet light, heat and pressure. The plastic packaging bag is broken into low molecular weight fragments, which are decomposed by microorganisms, and finally converted into carbon dioxide, water and organic matter. During the entire decomposition process, no toxic substances will be released.

What are the degradable packaging bags?

TDP is a 100% environmentally friendly plastic degradation technology.

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