Amazon Clothes Storage Bag|Use Old Clothes To Make A Storage Bag

Amazon Clothes Storage Bag|Use Old Clothes To Make A Storage Bag


Clothes are what we usually need to wear. When the clothes reach a certain time, they will become old or not suitable for the trend of the time, and we will change into a new batch of clothes. So how do you dispose of used clothes? Some people donate their old clothes, and some people keep them at home, but the piles of clothes will increase. The editor has a good idea, it is better for us to transform the old clothes and make our own storage bags. Storage bags are very useful in our lives. There are many types of storage bags used to store and place items. So how do we make our own storage bags from used clothes? Today, I will introduce to you how to make your own storage bags for old clothes.

Amazon Clothes Storage Bag|Use Old Clothes To Make A Storage Bag

Clothes storage bag—yogurt box plus used clothes storage bag

Prepare 2 cartons for 8 cups of yogurt. One is a 125ml×8 box, and the other is a 100ml×8 box. Buckle up the front of the two paper boxes. The 125ml box is bigger, just enough to hold 100ml. On the back of the big carton, use the original two gaps and cut into a rectangular hole with a paper knife. It’s ok! That is to make a box similar to a tissue box, stack the convenient bag, press one by one like a box of facial tissues, and just pull it out when using it. Of course the size of the hole is arbitrary.

In this way, a large convenient bag is packed in a small box, saving a lot of space. Some people also fold up the convenience bag and store it in a box, but it is not as convenient to use as it is. The box is broken or dirty and can be replaced at any time. I’m so happy about my “gizmo”, and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Amazon Clothes Storage Bag|Use Old Clothes To Make A Storage Bag

Those children’s shoes who throw away the cartons after drinking the yogurt, let’s make good use of the waste now! Of course, you can also buy a tissue box for storage, that’s a different story. In addition, you can also fold the plastic bag into a long strip, and then fold it into a small triangle, just like the way we fold a corner of the banknote into a triangle! It is stored in the box and is convenient for access.

Clothes storage bag-old jeans storage bag

  • 1. The first method the editor introduces to you is the diy storage bag method of using old pants. Measure the size and draw two lines on the old pants. After cutting the line, you can wear them as shorts.
  • 2. Cut off the two trouser legs of the old trousers according to the line drawn. Look, the short shorts have a look, and you can wear them out with just one stitch.
  • 3. Cut off a thin edge on each of the two trouser legs and save it for later use.
  • 4. Turn over one of the trouser legs and sew the thicker end. When sewing, remember to sew the thin edges that were just cut off together to form a storage bag loop to facilitate hanging on the hanger.
  • 5. After sewing, turn the trouser legs back to the front, and the loop is fixed on the trouser legs. Then draw a few lines on the trouser legs according to personal needs, and divide the trouser legs into several parts suitable for your own use.
  • 6. ​​Cut both sides of the trouser legs, and simply stitch the sides and middle points of the line drawn on the trouser legs.
  • 7. Sew up the narrow end of the trouser legs, some small pieces can be put in, and the storage bag is ready. Finally, put the loop on the hanger, and the IKEA-style diy storage bag is ready!
Amazon Clothes Storage Bag|Use Old Clothes To Make A Storage Bag

Today I will introduce two methods for making storage bags for old clothes. I believe you have a certain understanding of these two methods. In fact, it is very simple to make storage bags. We just transform things that are not used in our lives. , This is waste utilization, which is more advocated. Old clothes can be made into various storage bags, and we save the money to buy storage bags, so why not do it. If you want to learn more about the method of making storage bags for used clothes, you can go online to learn more about this. This is the end of the method introduced by the editor today. I hope you will like the content introduced by the editor today.

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