How to Distinguish ECO-frendly Plastic Bags

How to Distinguish ECO-frendly Plastic Bags


Environmentally friendly plastic bags include recycled plastic bags and new plastic bags. The plastic bag added with the degradable masterbatch in the production of plastic bags is called degradable plastic bag. After 90 days, the degraded plastic bag can automatically decompose under certain conditions. The “Plastic Restriction Order” that came into effect on June 1, 2008 clearly stipulates that shopping malls, supermarkets and bazaars shall not provide free plastic shopping bags, and prohibit the use of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm. Significant results have been achieved after the “plastic limit order” was implemented.

How to Distinguish ECO-frendly Plastic Bags

All plastic bags that meet the national standard GB/T21661-2008 are called environmentally friendly plastic bags. Environmentally friendly plastic bags include recycled plastic bags and new plastic bags. In the process of producing plastic bags, the plastic bags that degrade the master batch are called degradable plastic bags. The plastic bag added with degradable plastic can be automatically decomposed under certain conditions after 90 days. Bags made of plastic film are collectively referred to as plastic bags. The commonly used plastic bags are: convenience bags, supermarket bags, handbags, flat bags, plastic bags, vest belts and industrial corner packaging.

A plastic bag that melts quickly when exposed to sunlight. After the national environmental product quality supervision and inspection, all indicators have reached or exceeded the center’s inspection, and the national quality standards are hygienic, non-toxic, and non-polluting. It is currently one of the most advanced environmentally friendly products in China. This kind of degradable plastic bag is produced by using non-toxic polyolefin resin and adding degrading agent and other raw materials. Its advent has brought hope for reducing or eliminating white pollution.

■ 3. Plastic bags that can be recycled after being used up.

Generally speaking, there are no completely environmentally friendly plastic bags, only some plastic bags are easier to degrade. That is to say, degradable plastics, add some ingredients in the plastic package, and pack the product into a certain amount of additives starch or other cellulose, photosensitizers, (such as starch, modifiers, etc.) to degrade in the natural environment. The unit of Beijing area plastics. Tests show , Most of the degradable plastics) begin to thin, lose weight, and break into pieces after being exposed to the environment for 3 months. If these fragments are buried in garbage or soil solution, the effect is not obvious. There are four shortcomings in the use of degradable plastics: one is that more food is consumed; the other is that the use of degradable plastic products still completely eliminates “visual pollution”; the third is that the use of degradable plastic products is still unable to completely solve the environmental problems due to technical reasons. Potential hazards”; fourth, degradable plastics are difficult to recycle because they contain special additives.

How to Distinguish ECO-frendly Plastic Bags

In fact, the most environmentally friendly thing is to use plastic bags or fixed plastic bags to reduce the amount of use. At the same time, it can be recycled by the government to reduce environmental pollution.

■ The current environmentally friendly decomposition is relatively quick, and may decompose within a year. There are also faster ones, which can be decomposed 72 days after the Olympic environmental protection plastic bags are discarded.

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