How to find degradable plastic bag manufacturers?

How to find degradable plastic bag manufacturers?


Nowadays, there are various manufacturers of biodegradable bags on the market. The market is very chaotic. Many people are trying to “share the soup” with this big wind. The real suitable biodegradable bag material is PLA plus PBAT, but many do not understand the degradable bag. Customers will find some “fake degradation bags” manufacturers. So how to find a real degradable plastic bag manufacturer?

First of all, we must really understand how long this packaging bag manufacturer has been making packaging bags, and whether it has more than ten years of experience; then, after understanding their degradable bag qualification certificates, which are divided into domestic and European and American qualifications, it is recommended to understand this qualification certificate. The gold content is very large.

How to find degradable plastic bag manufacturers?

In addition, if you have a large quantity and want to find a long-term cooperation, it is best to go to their factory to understand, because now many traders, their packaging is very authentic, very professional, corresponding to the experienced purchasers, It is relatively easy to judge whether it is a trader. Therefore, it is necessary to go to their factory and learn more about the quality of their company’s products.

Then through which dimensions to understand their quality issues? The following examples illustrate how the quality of Jiuxinda is controlled and managed:

How to find degradable plastic bag manufacturers?
  1. Respect and love the post, maintain the company’s quality management awareness, and love the job.
  2. Actively collect industry standards related to production materials and products.
  3. Establish the principle of three no-let-offs, do not let go if the quality reasons are not identified, do not let go if the responsible person is not found, and do not let go without putting forward rectification measures.
  4. Strictly control warehousing inspection, production process inspection and finished product inspection.
  5. It is not allowed to work favoritism at work, hold personal grievances and go to work.
  6. If unqualified problems are found, record, isolate, notify relevant departments to analyze and investigate, and review corrective actions.
  7. Establish product production process inspection procedures to ensure complete records and tracking.
  8. The seven principles of patrolling, spotting, inspecting, inspecting, watching, asking, and recording during work.
  9. The technical data shall be kept strictly confidential, and shall be properly kept and marked at the post.
  10. Adhere to the principle of up-to-standard training and assessment, and formulate an assessment outline.
  11. Establishment of identification, archiving, and record management methods for inspection records.
  12. Check the deficiencies of 5 “S” in the post.

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