Biodegradable Bag News
  • Water-soluble Degradable Bags2021 / 8 / 17

    The raw materials of water-soluble degradation bags are mainly polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and starch blends. Both of these raw materials are polymer materials. If they are piled up together, they will indeed turn into rubbish and cause white pollution.

  • Water-soluble Degradable Plastic Bag-Polyvinyl Alcohol2021 / 8 / 16

    Under normal circumstances, plastic bags are insoluble in water, but there are also “plastic bags that can dissolve in water”, and it is one of the green plastic bags, usually called “PVAL”. The chemical name of PVAL is polyvinyl alcohol (PVL).

  • Biodegradable Bags Have Passed the Sanitation and Safety Confirmation2021 / 8 / 14

    In Japan, Jiuxinda PLA biodegradable bags have passed the mildew resistance test and the sanitation and safety certification of Food Sanitation Law No. 370. Due to the successful introduction of food containers in the canteens of the Ministry of Agriculture

  • PBAT Performance2021 / 8 / 9

    PBAT has good processing performance and can be made into various films and lunch boxes. The performance of PBAT film is similar to low-density polyethylene (LD-PE), and it is flexible and can be processed on equipment that processes LD-PE.

  • PBAT popular science knowledge2021 / 8 / 9

    PBAT is a biodegradable plastic material developed by BASF. PBAT is an aliphatic/aromatic random copolyester with a tailor-made macromolecular system structure. Its monomers are: adipic acid, terephthalic acid, 1 ,4-butanediol (1,4-butanediol).

  • Fully biodegradable plastic bags reduce carbon dioxide emissions2021 / 8 / 4

    The emissions of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide in my country rank first and second in the world. The annual production of organic waste is more than 50 million tons, and the annual burning and landfilling of plastic bag waste is about one million tons.

  • Application of polyethylene2021 / 7 / 29

    Polyethylene is used in the manufacture of films, pipes, wire and cable materials, monofilaments, daily necessities, hollow products, foams, coatings and adhesives. But unmodified PE cannot be used as engineering material.

  • Decomposition principle of environmentally friendly degradation bags2021 / 7 / 28

    According to the literal meaning of the environmental protection degradation bag, it is a bag that does not pollute the environment and can be degraded at the same time. At present, it mainly refers to biodegradable bags, that is, polylactic acid biodegradable bags (PLA).

  • Tea packaging bag | what material should be selected?2021 / 7 / 28

    Tea can easily absorb the external environment gas, which will change the taste, affect the quality, and lose the value of brewing and drinking. Therefore, the packaging of tea is very elegant.

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