• Degradable bag|Cornstarch-based personalized poly mailers2021 / 4 / 6

    Degradable bag|Cornstarch-based personalized poly mailers, can degraded into H2O and CO2 by micro organisms in landfill or water, remaining zero harmful substance in soil and water, totally non-toxic.

  • Why choose a degradable bag?2021 / 2 / 1

    Jiuxinda specializes in the production of packaging products, which are required by new markets, and will officially enter the degradation market in 2019. Welcome everyone to inquire.

  • Degradable plastic bag|degradable bag2021 / 1 / 22

    Compared with traditional PE(CPE) plastic bags, degradable plastic bags can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water under certain conditions, and have no pollution to soil.

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