Can PLA+PBAT Zipper Lock Bags be completely degraded?

Can PLA+PBAT Zipper Lock Bags be completely degraded?


Some time ago, when we recommended our degradable bone-fitting garment packaging bags to a customer in the clothing business at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition, the customer asked whether the bone-fitting parts can also be degraded? Because this customer’s clothing is mainly sold in the German market, he reflected that Germany has very strict controls on whether the packaging bags can be degraded. If this bag is not degradable at all, your packaging bag will not be able to enter the German market, and your product will not be sold in the German market.

The material of our Jiuxinda packaging bag is mainly made of PLA+PBAT through a reasonable formula blown film. The bone part is also degradable, but this material is not PLA and PBAT, this material is PBS. Let me share with you the physical and chemical properties of PBS materials.

Can PLA+PBAT Zipper Lock Bags be completely degraded?
PLA+PBAT Zipper Lock Bags

PBS is formed by polycondensation of succinic acid and butylene glycol. Bionole (#1000) produced by Japan Showa Polymer Company is a PBS biodegradable material. Its basic physical and mechanical properties are shown in the table below.

PBS is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide in the soil, and has the function of “biodegradation”. Considering the convenience of operation and cost when it is discarded, it can be decomposed and destroyed in the environment when it is difficult to recycle and reuse. This feature can be used for agricultural film forming processing methods (blow molding, injection molding, extrusion molding, sheet molding, foam molding, vacuum molding, etc.) are suitable for PBS processing.

Currently, based on these molding processability and mechanical properties, market development is underway for various applications (agricultural materials, daily chores, packaging materials, industrial materials, etc.).

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