Biodegradable Dog Poop Bag

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bag


Make everyone like your pet

For everyone who loves pets,pets are their family.Therefore,for pets and others,we should minimize the impact on the environment and others when we walking the dog.We should minimize the impact on the environment and others when we walking the dog.

Value package with excellent quality

Up to 540 bags package can be supplied for 7 months,not only for dog poo but also for domestic garbage and pet food.

About this item

  • Keep Your Hands Safe:Our poo bags are 100% leak-proof and extra thick,never worry about your hands when you pick the poo up.
  • Super Value Package:36 rolls and 15 bags per roll,total 540 bags can supply up to 7 months.
  • About Measures:Bag’s size 13×9 inches (LxW),fits all size of dogs and each roll fits standard-size leash dispensers.
  • Main Material:Unlike other poo bags, ours are made with corn starch blend which more friendly to environment.
  • Earth Friendly:We use recycled materials in our packaging and roll cores because details matter.

Amazon Customer: Biodegradable poop bags

I choose these bags for 3 main reasons: the manufacturer indicates that they are made from components that will bio-degrade over time, price and the number of bags per box (540).
Here is my assessment after I received the bags.
The good:
The actual feel of the bags seems to show that they are made in part from bio-degradable components
The thickness of the bags is really good (my educated guess is that they are about 1 to 1.25 mil), see picture for a side by side comparison with another plastic bag.

There is also a very important warning sign on the bottom part of the bag that warns about the potential danger of suffocation and to keep all bags away from babies and children (see picture)
The bad:

KRA VINE VOICE: These bags work well.


  • Biodegradable^.
  • Thin and light, but sturdy.
  • Easy to remove stickers per roll (no more damage/tears/rips trying to get a roll ready for use!)
  • Works with all of my poopy bag storage attachments.


  • There arent’ really any cons that I can think of to mention.

I realize that biodegradable bags probably aren’t really that helpful considering their destination and how much else is being tossed into landfills. But, it is something I can do and I’ll do it. The bags are thin but sturdy. They have a silken texture and don’t feel like the regular plastic poopy bags. At this price point, they’re also a bargain. So if you’re a responsible for a furry friend and need to pick up their poop with bags that perhaps are less impactful than others and need a bunch of them, these will suit you just fine!

Timothy S.:Definitely Compostable, Good Size, Sturdy as You Need Them to Be!

We use these bags to clean up after our Collie and they are a great size. You can pick up poop from asphalt of concrete with little fear of the bag tearing (you do need to be careful though).

AND…They are COMPOSTABLE!! Our neighborhood uses a composting digester on organic waste and the system technician approved these bags for compostability.

When we have them in our small bin for a few days you can even tell that the “plastic” film is beginning to dissolve and break down. Kinda gross and a bit smelly, but way better for the planet than plastic bags of pool being sealed forever in a landfill! FYI…Hydrogen Peroxide spray will kill ANY odor in our small composting bin! We keep a spray bottle on hand to clean it out every week or so.

My only complaint (and it’s the same for all poop bags) they can be hard to open. And, I swear 9 times out fo 10 I try to open them at the wrong end! I wish they could CLEARLY mark which end is the end that opens! Alas…first world problems!

Denise: definitely a sturdy bag, doesn’t rip that easy

These bags are thick and leak proof and are cheaper than the normal green compostable bags I was buying. I have used several rolls already and I only ripped one bag during use. I think it may have been from careless pulling through my bag holder, and not from opening or picking up the goods, though. My only problem is exactly what other reviewers also said; the stupid stickers to keep the rolls rolled in the box stick too well to the bags, so be really careful pulling them off, or you tear the bag. Good news is that if you tear the bag pulling the sticker off, it will probably not rip too far down the bag, so you don’t accidentally find your finger outside of the bag when grabbing your fury friend’s package. I really hope these are truly compostable because they are sturdy!

Jay Don: would recommend

the product came open and all the rolls were loose inside the amazon bag it cam in.
so far I’ve used about 4 rolls, not one was torn.
really easy to tear the first bag without damaging it and also to tear the following bags. also have an arrow to show you where to open it and really easy to open.
also quite sturdy. I have 3 dogs that goes potty at the same time, i pick up all three if the same bag and didn’t have any accident.
and the best part- BIODEGRADABLE!! I always felt so bad when used the reg plastic one and the effect it has on our planet so i’m happy I found a bag that doesn’t hurt the planet as much and doesn’t hurt my pocket either.
HELP OUR PLANET FOLKS!! we only have 1….
I would buy again once I run out and would recommend.

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