Do you use biodegradable plastic bags? How long does it take to completely degrade?

Do you use biodegradable plastic bags? How long does it take to completely degrade?


I remembered that when I was a child, I used rice straw to tie up pork when I was selling pork at home, but later I used plastic bags to pack it slowly. It can be said that plastic bags bring a lot of convenience to people’s lives and shopping, but they also bring serious white pollution to the natural environment. Because plastic bags made from these non-degradable materials cannot be completely decomposed after 300 years, they can only be solved by incineration.

Do you use biodegradable plastic bags? How long does it take to completely degrade?

Therefore, in order to solve this pollution problem, the world began to strictly implement the “plastic ban”-the use of biodegradable materials to produce living shopping packaging, industrial packaging. The reason for the “strict” implementation is that the current market price of biodegradable materials is indeed much more expensive than traditional PE-based plastic bags. The current market price of PLA is 32,000 yuan/ton, and PBAT is 35,000 yuan/ton.

How long does it take for the degradable plastic bags made of degradable materials to completely degrade? Have you used biodegradable plastic bags?

Because the raw materials of biodegradable plastic bags are mainly PLA and PBAT, these two raw materials are organic, which can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water at a certain temperature and humidity, and will not cause secondary pollution to the natural environment!

In addition, the degradable plastic bags can be completely decomposed in 3 to 6 months, because the decomposition rate is so fast that the packaging of degradable materials appears on the wind. Many profiteers use water-soluble materials to produce degradable plastic bags. In fact, water-soluble materials do not belong to degradable materials. They are like salt, dissolved in water, but when the water dries, crystals appear. Furthermore, more than 50% calcium carbonate is added.

The biodegradable plastic bags produced by Jiuxinda are mainly made of PLA+PBAT materials. All users are welcome to contact us!

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